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Entry #3

Sup homeslices

2011-09-21 13:03:27 by InsanityEngine

It doesn't happen very often, but it's rumoured that when our solar system lines up just right in regards to our sun's position to Proxima Centauri, I make a new news post. It doesn't happen very often...

That said, I decided my old post was, well old, and wanted to make a new one. A new one about, specifically, critique. I like critique, I really do. I'm not on newgrounds very often at all. Or deviantArt for that matter either. Or any of the sites I frequent. Or the internet at all now that I think about it. (My router's being a bitch, which is a blessing and a curse, because without the internet there's no WoW and no WoW means I GET SHIT DONE).

But that's beside the point. I'd really LOVE if anyone dropping by here, who's eyes somehow manage to glaze over this news post and my art, would drop some critique where they think I could improve. CONTRARY TO POPULAR BELIEF some people enjoy being told where they fucked up when they were drawing something. And I make a lot of fucked up mistakes. But my head is so full of itself that it can't see them.


So something something. And good day to you all! :D


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